About Katherine


Katherine Hays graduated with her Bachelor degree in Accountancy in the spring of 2019. She obtained her Master degree in Computer Science in the spring of 2021, with both degrees being from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. While obtaining her Master degree, Katherine was also a Teaching Assistant for the undergrad students within the Computer Science field during all of her semesters.

Katherine's career goals include: becoming a software developer, inspiring students to obtain a career in Computer Science, and being able to make a difference in the world with her programming contributions. For example, Katherine says one of her contribution goals is to eventually create an application that can assist blind people with reading non-Braille text.

Katherine also does volunteer work. She is the Financial Officer, Admin Officer, and IT Officer for the United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps (USNSCC) for the Chattanooga Division. Katherine joined the USNSCC in order to help children ages 13-17 experience personal growth through their mutual interests in the United States Navy. Katherine also enjoys performing community service activities, such as planting trees and other plants for the elderly.